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Is there anyone out there who would not like a hot, thrilling, sex filled secret encounter with someone you just met? Believe it or not that is exactly what is happening the world over every single day and all the latest statistics and trends tell us that there is absolutely no sign of people joining these no strings attached married dating sites stopping anytime soon. It just seems like everybody on the planet whether married or just in a relationship, wants to have an affair…or at the very least have some one night stand fun!

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Are discreet affairs websites just for married men and women?

The quick answer to that question is a huge NO. While the majority of men and women who sign up are married or at least in some form of relationship, you also get tens of thousands of single men and women joining looking for discreet secret encounters with people who are married.secret encounters image

Single people join up mostly because they are just looking for sex and have absolutely no need or want for any type of relationship, they are single and want to stay that way. This is of course excellent for anyone married who is seeking to have an affair because, 9 times out of 10 they are also looking for just sex and do not want the drama of having to deal with another relationship. So, what you will find a lot of the time is that married women who cheat in particular, will actively seek out the single men that have joined as they know the will just hook up the one time and then it will be over.

Why do more and more married women want to have affairs?

This has been put down to women been fed up with their situations at home and feeling like they are being treated as second class citizens. Most of the time women who cheat still love their husbands but they just feel like they need to put the adventure back into their lives that they had when they were younger, the average age of women who join married dating sites is between 30 – 50 years old, now there are of course older and younger women who join too, but the majority are that age.

When you think about it, it makes sense, for hundreds of years women have been forced to put up with whatever men have told them to do, now I guess they figure it’s time they started to break out and do whatever it is they want to do, one way that emotion seems to manifest itself is by having secret encounters sex with men and women they just met, I say more power to them! 🙂

Does online cheating mean we just meet online?

married dating sitesAbsolutely not. What you will do is, when you sign up you will want to completely and fully fill out your profile, this is a crucial step that a lot of people seem to skip for one reason or another but you must make sure you do it, including posting a real photo of yourself because no one is going to want to have hook up sex with someone they do not even what they look like.

The profile will consist of a few quite personal questions such as your desires sexually, whether you are married or not and if you want to meet another married person or if you would prefer someone single instead, but keep in mind that these questions are all important because they help the married affairs site to match you with a compatible partner, think of it as an adult sex finder service.

So, when you complete your profile and login to your account you will be greeted with a list of matches that suit the criteria you listed as your wants and needs. It is now up to you to browse through this list of married or single women to find someone that you feel you would like to contact.

All you need to do now is introduce yourself and tell them a little bit about yourself and what your looking for…flirt a little bit initially but do not over do it. After a few online chatting dates you can take it to the next level and arrange an offline secret encounters sex hook up. After that it is up to you and the woman in question, whether or not you meet again or move on to the next adventure.


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